What Is The Viral Cycler System? Is It The Real Deal Or Just Another Guru Scam?

The viral cycler system was created and programmed by a guy named VJ Singh. In the sales video he claims that he created a fully automated lead generating and income producing system that has never been created or done before.

Also in the viral cycler system sales video it states that it has taken the programmers 2 years to put this fully automated marketing system together to help thousands of people worldwide finally generate leads and make money on complete auto-pilot.

This hands free viral cycler marketing system is going to allow you to create an unlimited amount of wealth. (LOL)!

\* By you earning unlimited $47 payments

\* Having a hands free marketing system

\* Lead generating system

I am not an affiliate or a customer of the viral cycler system program and I have not tested the viral cycler system to see if it works or if it is just another scam.
In the past 2 years I have seen a dozen of these so called push button traffic getting systems, income producing systems, lead systems, just like the viral cycler system all to find out that they don’t work the way they say they are supposed to work.

I even have bought a few like the viral cycler system to test them out and was very unhappy with the results and from that point there never bought another one.

The traffic these types of push button systems like the viral cycler system generates you is not the quality traffic or leads you are looking for to grow your primary program or business. So in reality you are just wasting your time, effort, and the money you put into it to get the system.
This is what these so called gurus are pushing out there on the internet like the viral cycler system to new people starting out online and to people struggling to get leads and sales and they are getting sucked into the hype and bull shit.

Honestly, If I was you make sure to really do your research inside and out on the viral cycler system and or any other of these so called push button systems to make sure they are legitimate before you join or buy.

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